Using Aluminum Hat Channel to Hang Acoustic Tile and Panels

When it comes to installing acoustical panels or ceiling tile, aluminum channel can be very helpful. This is because metal channels can serve a variety of purposes, including applications such as repairs for commercial vehicles and buildings, and more. One type of aluminum channel is especially useful, an aluminum hat channel. Though aluminum hat channel has a variety of uses, it is commonly relied on to hang acoustical tiles and panels. This is because this extruded aluminum product is the perfect shape to allow acoustical tiles to be hung on it, or to allow the panels to be attached to it. This product can save a lot of time and expense on an install and help the finished room to look its best.

About Aluminum Hat Channel

This type of aluminum channel is called “Hat Channel” because the cross-section or profile looks like a top hat with a central “U” shape with flared ends. It is an extruded aluminum product, which means that it is created by a process in which an aluminum billet is heated and forced through a die shaped like a top hat. The long aluminum channel that emerges can be cut to whatever lengths are preferred. Hat channels can be made in a range of sizes, with a broad variety of thicknesses and heights available. Eagle Mouldings has a wide selection of in-stock hat channel sizes in addition to offering the creation of custom sizes to fit the specific needs of your project.

Benefits to Aluminum Hat Channels

When it comes to choosing aluminum hat channels for hanging acoustical tiles and panels, there are a number of unique benefits to using this product over alternatives available on the market. The benefits of using aluminum hat channels for this application include:

Lightweight. When hanging acoustic tiles and panels, you want a mounting system that won’t add too much additional weight. Aluminum is an incredibly lightweight metal, meaning the hat channels used will get the job done without adding much unnecessary weight. Additionally, the lightweight of this product makes the installation of tiles and panels much easier.

Corrosion-resistant. It is well known that aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, again making aluminum hat channels an ideal choice for most applications – including hanging acoustical tiles and panels. Investing in products that will maintain integrity over time so you don’t have to make costly repairs in the future is key, and aluminum hat channel can achieve this goal.

Customizability. Aluminum hat channels are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized to fit your needs. So, depending on the size of the acoustic tile or panel you’re using, you’ll always have a reliable option to choose from to fit your needs.

Easy installation. Using an aluminum hat channel allows for easier and quicker installation of acoustical tiles and panels when compared to other methods of mounting. Installation can be done professionally, or with ease by virtually anyone under the right instruction.

Acoustic Drop Ceilings

When companies use hat channels to hang an acoustic drop ceiling, they first create a grid using the aluminum channel. The idea is to have squares as big as the acoustic tiles, so in some cases that’s 2’x2′ and in others it’s 2’x4′. The hat channel is installed with the bottom of the “U” facing upward and the flared ends at the bottom. This allows the tiles to rest on the flared ends. In many cases, an installer will not use an adhesive, but simply let gravity hold the tile on the aluminum hat channel.

Acoustic Wall Panels

When wall panels are installed, aluminum hat channel is sometimes used as an alternative to aluminum Z Clips and Panel Rails. For a panel installation involving aluminum channel, the hat channel would be fixed to the wall with nails or screws. It can be attached to the wall with the flange side in or flange side out, depending on the preference of the installer. The acoustical panels are then affixed to whichever side of the channel is facing out from the wall. One of the most popular methods used to secure the panels to the channel is to simply drill holes in the hat channel and use the appropriate screw or fastener to hold them securely in place.

Aluminum Hat Channel from Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings has an unmatched selection of aluminum hat channels to accommodate your needs, whether hanging acoustical tile or acoustical wall panels. We prioritize quality when working with our select group of manufacturers, so you always receive a product that has the strength and durability to last over time. Our orders can be shipped anywhere in the United States, so you get just what you need no matter where you are.

Eagle Mouldings prides itself on having the best customer service anywhere, with our knowledgeable staff standing by to eagerly answer any of your questions you may have. Whether standard or custom, contact us today to discuss your aluminum hat channel needs. Contact us today to receive a quote, or to place your aluminum hat channel order.

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