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When taking on a commercial project, whether on the worksite, developing a new product, constructing an entire commercial building or remodeling project, completing the job to the highest quality is typically the top priority. Close behind quality is ensuring your construction project is finished within its projected completion time. While there are a lot of factors that can impact the time it takes to complete a job, vendor partners’ lead times need to be taken into consideration and the time it takes to produce the aluminum extrusions is one of high importance. The average lead time for an aluminum extrusion can vary significantly, so it is important to understand what will influence how long it takes to produce a finished product. Read on to learn which factors impact production lead time.

Demand and Lead Time for Aluminum Extrusions

Demand. It may come as no surprise that production lead time will be influenced by the amount of demand for aluminum extrusions. The use of aluminum is booming across industries, from architectural, fixtures/displays, auto manufacturing to aviation and more. As aluminum becomes increasingly more popular for a wide range of applications, companies that produce custom extrusions are having to work harder to keep up with demand.

Factors that Influence Lead Time for Aluminum Extrusions

Ultimately, the speed with which manufacturers can successfully fulfill an aluminum extrusion order is dependent on three key factors. The three primary factors that influence production lead time include:

Tooling lead time. The die is an essential piece of the aluminum extrusion process. Simply put, a die is a steel plate featuring an opening that is the shape and size of the desired extruded aluminum product to be produced. Tooling lead time refers to the amount of time it takes to create this die that will produce the shape. This is done prior to producing the custom aluminum extrusion. On average, the lead time needed to create an extrusion die is between 2-4 weeks.  More time may be required depending on the complexity of the die, the geometry or shape of the extrusion, and the overall size.

Aluminum Extrusion lead time. After the die has been created, it’s now time for production of the aluminum extrusion. At this step, the amount of time it takes for the extrusion to be created is largely dependent on where your order falls in the production schedule. The die must be tested to see if the extrusion comes out into industry specifications and matches the print the shape is to replicate. Once the extrusion sample is approved, or in spec, the die can now go into a production run. After the aluminum has been extruded, it then needs to be cooled, stretched, and cut to length, heat-treated and packaged.

Fabrication lead time. In some cases, an aluminum extrusion will not need any additional fabrication. However, many orders call for fabrication to be performed on the parts as well as a possible finish to be applied to the final extrusion. Additional steps including applying coatings, deburring, anodizing, cutting to length, drilling slots or holes are just a few post extrusion items that can follow the actual manufacturing process.  Fabrication lead time can add additional days or even weeks depending on the complexity and size of the order.

 Custom Aluminum Extrusions from Eagle Aluminum

At Eagle Mouldings, it is our goal to get your custom aluminum extrusions to you as quickly as possible. By developing a streamlined manufacturing processes, we offer some of the shortest lead times when compared to other companies in the industry. Because of our vast inventory of stock aluminum trims and custom aluminum extrusions, we have the largest collection available that are ready to ship. If not already in our inventory, we will get the extrusion you need to complete the job faster than any other extruder. For cases in which we are creating a custom extrusion, we will work with you to design and engineer the die and extrusion for your specific requirements. We will work with you to determine a timeline that fits your needs, taking into account the exact specifications of your order.  We simply, will not be beaten in the level of quality, lead time or value you can find from an extrusion partner found anywhere.

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