Working with Round Aluminum Tubing

When working with customers, we often hear people use the terms “tubing” and “pipe” interchangeably as they describe hollow, round aluminum stock. However, as experts we know that the two are not the same. While there are several differences you might find between tubing and pipe, tubing will typically be used in structural applications, while pipe is often used for the transportation of liquids or gases. Because we specialize in a variety of standard and custom aluminum extrusions, many rely on Eagle Mouldings for round aluminum tubing. Typically, our customers are referring to the dimensions of round aluminum tubing, which we offer in standard sizes, as well as custom extrusions for all types of applications.

The use of round aluminum tubing is becoming increasingly popular because of its incredible versatility across industries and applications. You will find round aluminum tubing is used for all types of products from commercial railings, airplanes and boats, to store displays and fixtures. With so many unique benefits to using aluminum, it has become the go-to choice for many projects. Round aluminum tubing is lightweight and incredibly durable. Additionally, aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and has a great strength to weight ratio. Finally, extruded aluminum tubing can be finished to create a custom look to match any desired aesthetic.

Bending and Shaping

When it comes to working with round aluminum tubing, there are many options available to help you easily create the desired piece you need for your project. There are several reasons why aluminum is an ideal material for bending and forming. Many of the natural properties of aluminum make it very easy to work with compared to other materials. What sets aluminum apart is that it is a naturally soft alloy. This means that when extruded in the shape of round aluminum tubing, it is relatively easy to bend. Oftentimes, a build will call for the aluminum being used to be bent or shaped, so this is a very desirable property.

While it is possible for customers to bend and shape their aluminum tubing themselves when working with it, this task requires the use of special equipment. The best option for ensuring the perfect bend or shape for your round aluminum tubing is enlisting the help of a team that specializes in this particular skill. At Eagle Mouldings, we offer bending and fabrication services that are quick and affordable for projects of all sizes. Our knowledgeable team has years of experience and will work with you to ensure the finished product meets your exact requirements.


In addition to bending and shaping, Eagle Mouldings offers cut to length services. When attempting to cut aluminum, there are a few different options available to successfully carry out this task safely and efficiently. Cutting round aluminum tubing can be done through the use of an electric cut off saw or a specialized tube cutter designed to cut through aluminum.  When cutting round aluminum tubing, check for the presence of burrs. Burrs are the irregularly aped and sometimes sharp shards that are left on the edge after cutting aluminum and may need to be removed. This can be done by hand with a fine-tooth metal file or with an electric grinder.

If you are intimidated or unsure of the proper way to cut the round aluminum tubing you need for your project, we are standing by to help. As with bending and shaping, we offer precision cutting and deburring services to ensure you have the pieces you need fit to your exact requirements.

Round Aluminum Tubing from Eagle Mouldings

The team at Eagle Mouldings specializes in pairing customers with the unique aluminum extrusions they need to get the job done. Among our most popular products is our round aluminum tubing fit for a wide variety of applications. We understand the best processes for working with round tubing and offer custom bending, shaping, and cutting services as needed. We look forward to discussing your needs and providing you with the quality products you need quickly and at an affordable price.

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