Home Products Z Clips / Panel Hanger / Z-Bars Aluminum Z Bar – .428″ x .21″ x .697 x .065″ Wall

Aluminum Z Bar – .428″ x .21″ x .697 x .065″ Wall

EAM-3272 Aluminum Z BarEAM-3272 Z Bar

Aluminum Z Bar – .428″ x .21″ x .697 x .065″ Wall

Part#: EAM-3272

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Product Description

Aluminum Z Bar – .428″ x .21″ x .697″ – Stocked in 12′ lengths available in Mill Finish (MF).

Aluminum z bar extrusions provide a fast and secure method to hang, fasten, and secure any kind of wall panel, acoustical panel, partition, frame, cabinet, sign, mirror or piece of artwork.