Exhibit and Display Manufacturers Use Aluminum Trim

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Long-Lasting with Minimal Maintenance

Whether it’s a portable tradeshow booth or a permanent display, using aluminum will keep your product looking newer for longer while also extending its life. Regardless if you are using aluminum extrusions for the structural integrity of your project or the look of the detail trim, aluminum will be able to withstand any elements that come its way without the need for upkeep due to its corrosion-resistant properties. This will keep cleaning and maintenance costs down as you will not have to wipe down the metal’s surface to keep its clean appearance. Additionally, aluminum is resistant to UV rays ensuring it will not lose its color when it is sitting in the sun which makes it the perfect material for any exhibit, inside or outside.

Durability and Lightweight

More and more construction and building manufacturers as well as automakers are switching to aluminum as their metal of choice. Aluminum is a stronger choice than other competing metals. Aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of steel which gives aluminum a stronger strength to weight ratio.

Aluminum has corrosion-resistant properties, superior durability, and will hold up over time without the risk of losing structural integrity or aesthetics. Due to its lightweight properties, manufacturers can build with thicker material and feature a lighter total weight than a steel-built product. This encourages people to use lighter weight products because they will be able to trust the durability and strength of aluminum-built products while also taking advantage of less expensive transportation costs. 


If you are in the exhibit manufacturing business, you need a flexible material that will meet your needs for all types of projects. Whether you are manufacturing a portable tradeshow booth or a permanent store display, you need a quality material that is versatile and can conform to the specific needs of your project. Aluminum can be formed into an infinite amount of shapes that will fit your needs best. At Eagle Mouldings we are happy to work closely with our customers to create any shape to meet their specific needs.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Manufacturing products with sustainable materials is a great way to stay competitive in a growing market. Not only will aluminum meet and exceed environmental standards but it is a great material to attract new customers who value environmentally friendly products. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and does not lose any of its strength or natural properties during the process while only using 8% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminum. Since 1995, the energy needed to produce new aluminum has decreased by more than a quarter and this trend is only continuing. With more innovation quickly happening in the industry, aluminum will continue to be the manufacturing material of choice for many different industries, including store fixture, store display, and exhibit manufacturing industries.

Appearance and Finishes

With so many exhibits and display manufacturers today, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the competition. One easy way to set yourself apart from your competition is to have an aesthetically appealing product that is unmatched by other manufacturers. By using finished aluminum trims from Eagle Mouldings, you can easily achieve this goal. Eagle Mouldings has an extensive lineup of colors and finishes to match all your specific needs. While aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion when exposed to moister, humidity, temperature, or other extreme environments on a regular basis, aluminum products can benefit from an additional layer of protection by anodizing or powder coating the aluminum.

Looking for a Custom Extrusion?

Finding the perfect aluminum extrusion to fit your exact needs can be a time-consuming process. At Eagle Mouldings we want to make your experience as easy as possible. Eagle Mouldings is committed to providing two things; the highest quality customer service, and the highest quality custom, OEM, and stock aluminum extrusions. Whether your project requires a standard shape or a custom-designed die, we can deliver high-quality functional extrusions that meet your tight schedule, specifications, and budget.