How to Decide if Round Aluminum Tubing is Right for You

Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Tubing Right for You

Commercial building projects of all types require adherent to a wide array of structural guidelines. In some cases, a building may need to be equipped with internal structures that incorporate either round aluminum tubing or pipe. Extruded round aluminum tube and pipe are often used in railing systems, stair cases and general fall protection systems.

Round Aluminum Tubing or Pipe?

In the world of tubing, things can get confusing. There are many different types of round aluminium tubing, in many cases, made specifically for different applications. Tube is measured by the outside diameter, while pipe is measured by its inside diameter. There is often confusion as to what the customer actually needs, pipe size or tubing size. Keep in mind that pipe size refers to a nominal, not actual, inside pipe diameter. “Schedule” as in “schedule pipe” refers to the pipe’s wall thickness.

Aluminum Mechanical Tubing vs. Structural Aluminum Tubing?

Aluminum mechanical tubing is used for mechanical and light gauge structural applications. Mechanical tube is produced to meet specific end use requirements, specifications, tolerances and chemistries. Mechanical tube is often produced to “typical” properties that focus mainly on the yield strength for a particular size and wall thickness. Mechanical tubing encompasses a wide range of both structural and non-structural applications.

Structural aluminum tubing is used for structural applications. Standard strength requirements of the tube help dictate applications for which certain tubing is most appropriate. Some typical applications structural aluminum tubing is used for are buildings, bridges, towers, cranes and sign poles.

Mechanical tube is available in square, rectangle, round and custom shapes, while structural tube is only available in square, rectangle, round. Some typical applications aluminum mechanical tubing is used for are solar racking, architectural applications, greenhouses, playground equipment.

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