Keys to Finding Top Custom Extrusion Companies

At Eagle Mouldings, our goal is to be your best source when it comes to custom extrusion companies. To stand out, we focus on having outstanding customer service, the highest quality products, and shortest lead times in the industry, all at competitive pricing.

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of OEM and custom aluminum extrusions, we think we have set ourselves apart from the competition. Anyone requiring specialty aluminum trims and extrusions should consider having Eagle Mouldings quote your next project. We are confident and believe you will see the difference we can make as a trusted vendor and partner.

Volume Pricing

While every order is not high volume, many of our customers deal in high volume parts, especially those in OEM manufacturing and specialty industries such as Z clip and panel installation, store fixture and store display, emergency vehicle, awning, slatwall, boat, trailer and cleanroom manufacturing.

We provide an easy to use online quote request form you can submit. We then will provide information back to you on your request or order, including the estimated date it will be ready to ship. When we are producing parts or trims in large quantities, our price per unit can be significantly lower, making it a great option for any manufacturer to consider. Not all custom extrusion companies are set up for large volume orders nor can they provide the additional services and light fabrication needed for your finished product.

Experts in the Industry

We have been in the business of custom aluminum extrusions and trims manufacturing for over 25 years. We have worked with companies across the country and have the experience needed when working to detailed specifications as well as keeping within your budget.

We work closely with several strategic partners to be able to do any custom aluminum extrusion you may need. We can do everything from the initial design to the finished product to ensures top quality in every piece we produce.

As a one of the top custom extrusion companies in North America, we also have the ability to get your order placed and produced on schedule. Our experience with the most challenging of custom extrusion projects helps us to design effectively and create just the right aluminum product you need without a lot of wasted time and materials, saving you time and money.