Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Aluminum Slatwall Track

As a leader in aluminum trims and extrusions, Eagle Mouldings has hundreds of extrusions readily available in stock as well as custom extrusion options. One of our most popular products is the slatwall track which can be found in retail stores, grocery stores, garages, building supply stores, car dealerships and many other type of commercial retail stores.

Slatwall installation is practical and easy, which is why commercial property owners and homeowners are beginning to leverage this product to help with storage and organization. With our custom finish offerings, we can work with you to design and create a slatwall track to look exactly how you want it. It can blend in perfectly or stand out to make a statement, the choice is entirely up to you.

If you’re doing this on your own, here are a few common mistakes that first-timers often make that you’ll want to avoid.


Things You Should Know Before Installing Aluminum Slatwall Track

Order Extra Material

A good guideline for slatwall installation that can help ensure you have enough material is to measure your wall space and figure out the number of panels you think you’ll need. Then add 5% to10% for mistakes. Additionally, it’s important to consider any aluminum framing channels that you may be using to finish off your aluminum slatwall feature.

Planning for miscalculations ahead of time will give you some flexibility and ensure you don’t have to put your project on hold waiting for additional panels to arrive. It will also reduce the shipping costs as everything will come at once rather than two separate shipping charges.

Dull Blades

For any type of aluminum cutting, sharp blades and a quality miter saw is a must. The use of a jigsaw table saw or any other type of manual cutting tools are highly discouraged as the cut is less likely to be clean or straight. As an additional option, you can have your slatwall extrusions pre-cut or fabricated by your supplier  to save some time and on-the-job finishing.

Incorrect Cutter Bits

When installing aluminum slatwall inserts to your wood panel, it’s essential to use the corresponding cutter bit to your aluminum insert. By using the matching bit, you’ll ensure that your aluminum slatwall fits snug and secure in your panel

Failing to Level

With slatwall installation, it is important to start with the lowest pane of slatwall track and work up the wall. This first panel is the most important—if it is not perfectly level the accuracy of the rest of the panels will be affected. Take the time to check and double-check the bottom panel and make sure it is completely level. Additionally, check the level of the panels as you go up the wall just to ensure everything is perfectly on track.

Get your Slatwall from Eagle Mouldings

When you purchase your slatwall from Eagle Mouldings  you ensure that your slatwall extrusions are of the top of the line products making no mistake in quality. Eagle Mouldings takes pride in both the quality of our products as well as the quality of our customer service. Our centrally located warehouse ships out aluminum every weekday so give us a call or submit a request on the Eagle Mouldings website  for more information!