Protect Surfaces and Prevent Wear and Tear with Aluminum Tee Nosing

Nosing is an important and under-stated part of any office or home, as it protects without ruining the look of the wall, floor or surface that has been put in place. Nosing is what sits over the top of the corners, sides or simply the edge where the most contact will occur and prevents wear, tear and slipping.

Preventing Wear and Tear with Aluminum Tee Nosing 

Natural wear and tear are a problem in most businesses, especially in shop environments where a large amount of foot traffic will pass through the store on any given day. This can result in eventual damage to your displays, walls and flooring and will eventually mean that the unit in question will need replacing. This is why nosing and edge detailing are important, as they protect the area and absorb most of the damage.


Our aluminum T molding works for many architectural and millwork specifications, store fixtures, store displays, chairs, elevators, and woodworking projects. Aluminum T trim can also prevent tile edges from chipping and is ideal for transitions on hard-surface floors like ceramic tile flooring. We carry grooved, smooth, and fluted tee edging, which can be a great detail on a retro renovation project. Our aluminum tee nosing extrusions protect edges, divider panels, and enhance any surface they are applied to. Our aluminum T trim extrusions are easy to maintain and clean and are the perfect, durable addition to any project.

Avoid Accidents and Injury with Aluminum Tee Nosing

Nosing is what also acts as a safety barrier against potential accidents. Flooring, stairs and corners can present a trip hazard if left uncovered, so nosing is important to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Rough and sharp corner edges of slatwall and shelving can cause injury, so it is important to keep these covered. This can then absorb most of the impact on the units, prolonging their lifespan.

Stair Nosing and Other Types Used in the Workplace

All of our aluminum T nosings are made of strong materials that can absorb impact better than the material it is protecting. Types of nosing include bar-faced, groove-faced and plain, as well as many other types depending on the use. Stair nosing is also very popular as it protects the surface of the steps as well as providing extra non-slip coverage to make the stairs much safer for foot traffic. Some stair nosing has an extra lip to provide more security, or a ridged surface to make it harder wearing.

Aluminum Tee Nosings for Decorative and Industrial Projects

Eagle Mouldings manufacturers, stocks, and supplies aluminum T moldings. Our aluminum T moldings are available in numerous widths, lengths, and finishes such as standard mill, satin or clear, Brite Dipped, bronze, or black. They are not only attractive but durable and easy to install. All of our aluminum T moldings are non-magnetic, have a high resistance to corrosion and are always easy to machine, cut and form.

At Eagle Mouldings, satisfied customers are our passion. We strive to provide fast, friendly and helpful customer service. We supply only the highest quality aluminum extrusions for any project. Order your aluminum T nosings for decorative and industrial projects today!