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With a number of sports seasons upon us, there is a lot to look forward to. From cooking up burgers at the tailgate, to wearing your favorite player’s jersey for good luck, to cheering on your kids from the sidelines, sports bring us together in a unique way. There is one aspect of the game experience that happens off the field, however, that many do not give too much thought to: bleachers. Bleacher bench seats are an integral part of sports and should be a staple in every field. Without bleachers, fans are left either standing on their feet for hours or struggling to find a comfortable spot to sit on the ground. Whether you have outdoor bleacher seating already or are looking to install outdoor bleacher bench seats in your field or gym, read on to learn about the importance of having quality bleachers and how to best maintain aluminum stadium seats.

Why Aluminum?

As you begin your review of the various bleacher bench seat systems available, the first question you may ask is what material to choose. While you can find benches and bleachers made from a range of materials, including wood, it is highly recommended that you invest in quality aluminum bleachers. There are a number of benefits to choosing aluminum as the material for your bleacher bench seats. Aluminum stadium seats are incredibly lightweight. In fact, aluminum bleacher bench seat systems can be up to four times lighter than their wood counterparts. It is ideal to use lightweight material for outdoor bleacher seating, as oftentimes the bleacher seating needs to be moved or stored depending on the season or other needs for this space throughout the year.

Another reason to choose aluminum stadium seats is that they are incredibly durable. Aluminum is widely known for its ability to hold up over time, even under harsh conditions. Outdoor bleacher seating will be put to the test, not only enduring potentially harsh weather like rain, cold, and snow, but will also put up with hundreds of cheering fans stepping, stomping, and jumping. Without the right material, outdoor bleacher seating can wear out quickly. Aluminum outdoor bleachers are built to last, resisting any fading, cracking, rusting, warping, or bending.

Benefits of Aluminum Bleachers

As with any big decision, you may be wondering if aluminum bleachers are actually worth the investment. The truth is, there are a number of benefits to outdoor bleacher seating you don’t want to overlook. Benefits of aluminum bleachers include:

Better sightlines. We’ve all been there, attending a game where it seems impossible to get a good view. Improper seating is usually to blame for poor visibility and can really ruin a game experience. Aluminum outdoor bleachers help combat this issue, bringing fans better sightlines. A big benefit to outdoor bleacher seating is that they can be installed and positioned in the optimal position for the best views. Plus, the multi-level design of aluminum bleachers means everyone can get a great view of the game, not just those in the front rows.                                                                Eagle Aluminum Football Bleachers

More comfort. While there are those ultra-fans that choose to stand throughout the entire game, most of us like to take a seat every once in a while. Attending a game without outdoor bleacher seating means you have to lug a chair from home, stand the entire game, or take a seat on the ground – none of which are ideal. Instead, the most obvious benefit to aluminum bleachers is that they provide a seating option for all fans.

Versatility. Another reason to consider aluminum bleachers is that they are incredibly versatile. Most bleacher systems are built modularly, meaning that they are constructed by connecting sets of aluminum bleacher planks together. By building a set of aluminum outdoor bleachers this way, you’re able to customize the size and height of your bleacher set. This versatility ensures you have just the right amount of seating available depending on your needs. Expecting a big crowd? Roll out all the benches and bleachers you need. Need just a few rows in a couple of targeted areas for sports like cross country and golf? Place a smaller outdoor bleacher seating option right where you want.

Maintaining Aluminum Bleachers

Despite their size and scale, caring for aluminum bleacher planks and aluminum bench planks is actually very easy. This is because the aluminum is anodized, making the surface of bleacher systems highly durable and resistant to corrosion. To clean aluminum benches and bleachers, you’ll want to use a mild soap and hot water. To speed up the process, most bleacher builders will recommend using a pressure washer. When used along with hot water and mild soap, a pressure washer will easily remove any dirt, spilled drinks, food, or other debris from the aluminum bleachers.

Aluminum Bleachers from Eagle Mouldings

To ensure quality aluminum bleachers that will hold up over time, it’s important to work with a highly experienced supplier of bleacher seating capable of bringing your vision to life. Our team at Eagles

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