Why An Aluminum Floating Dock Can Meet Your Marina Needs

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Having a waterfront property that has its own dock has a variety of unique advantages, whether it’s for your home or business. For example, marine floating docks offer convenient access to the water without the need to pay storage or slip fees. Additionally, those that own a boat or other watercraft will find that docks provide increased security. Other benefits include increased property value as well as ease of use for leisure activities including boating, swimming, socializing, and fishing. When it comes to selecting which type of dock to install, there are a number of options from wood docks to plastic docks to aluminum floating docks. Read on to learn more about the options for marine floating docks that are available to figure out which choice is right for you.

Figuring Out Your Dock Needs

Before considering the different materials to use for your dock, it’s important first to think through your specific dock needs. For example, will you need a dock that is removable, or are you looking for a permanent solution? Does the water level rise and fall a significant amount on a regular basis? Will your dock be exposed to slippery or icy conditions during the colder months? It’s also key to ask yourself what your budget is. After you’ve answered these questions and more, you’ll be more equipped to compare the dock options out there.

What is an Aluminum Floating Dock?

As you begin to research the various types of docks out there, you will likely come across one of the most popular options: the floating dock. Simply put, marine floating docks feature a large platform that is placed over airtight drums that float on the surface of the water. While floating dock systems can be made from a variety of materials, aluminum floating docks are particularly common among dock owners. Many choose to install aluminum boat docks because they are incredibly versatile, able to adjust to the water level and conditions with ease. Plus, aluminum floating docks require less local permitting to install because they do not impact the sediment below.

Aluminum Floating Dock Decking

Aluminum Boat Docks Compared to Others

 Though aluminum boat docks are very popular, there are other material options available to consider. So, just how do aluminum floating docks compare?

Wood Docks: Many dock owners choose to use wood over an aluminum floating dock. One of the major benefits of having marine floating docks made of wood is simply the natural aesthetic they offer that many enjoy. Additionally, wood docks are 100% renewable and when well-maintained, can last many years. There are a few significant drawbacks to choosing a wood dock over aluminum boat docks, however. Wood is prone to damage, whether from termites or general splitting, splintering, warping, and discoloration. Often, those with wood docks will end up paying for a variety of repairs over time.

Plastic Docks: Another option available to compare to aluminum floating docks is plastic docks. Unlike wood docks, plastic docks require much less upkeep and maintenance and are known for their durability. They are also a less expensive option. However, when compared to aluminum boat docks, plastic docks simply don’t provide the same longevity or structural support. For the highest level of durability and strength, aluminum floating dock systems and aluminum dock frames are your best bet.

Floating Aluminum Boat Systems

There are a wide range of benefits you enjoy when opting for aluminum floating dock systems compared to other materials. For one, aluminum is unbeatable when it comes to durability. While wood docks are known to rot and warp due to environmental conditions, aluminum is highly resistant to scratches, dings, and other damage caused by human use and weather conditions. Further, floating aluminum boat docks are incredibly lightweight. This is beneficial in the event you need to adjust, add, or remove any of your aluminum dock sections.

Another reason to consider an aluminum floating dock is that you won’t ever have to deal with rusting. Aluminum boat dock frames and aluminum dock brackets are incredibly strong and completely resistant to rusting. Not only will your dock continue to look great over time, but it will also remain safe for use. Aluminum floating docks are built to last, resisting any fading, cracking, rusting, warping, or bending.

For those that value their impact on the environment, floating aluminum boat docks are a great choice because the materials used for the aluminum pier sections require less energy to create the extrusions than other materials. Aluminum can be recycled continuously with no loss of its qualities. Aluminum boat dock frames and aluminum dock brackets can actually be resumed almost indefinitely.

Finally, aluminum floating dock systems are a popular choice because they offer the ability to expand and adjust as needed. In most cases, you’ll purchase aluminum dock sections individually to build to the appropriate length you need. Because floating aluminum boat docks are bought in aluminum pier sections, the process for changing your configuration is fairly simple. Further, while permanent dock designs are difficult to remove, most aluminum floating dock systems can be removed and stored as needed.

Aluminum Dock Sections from Eagle Mouldings

 Making the decision to install an aluminum dock on your property is a big one, and you may be wondering who to purchase from. Eagle Mouldings specializes in providing top quality aluminum dock and decking extrusions. Our team of specialists are equipped to answer any questions you may have about purchasing aluminum pier extrusions, and will help you identify which aluminum boat dock frame solution is right for you.

The aluminum pier extrusions we offer are quick and easy to install, and are built to hold up over time no matter the conditions they are put through. Gone are the days of dealing with docks that require a lot of costly repairs and upkeep. Instead, enjoy more time on the water and less on maintenance. Contact us today to discuss our aluminum dock and decking requirements, all available at affordable prices from Eagle Mouldings.

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