Tips for Choosing and Using Aluminum Rectangle Tube

One of our most frequently ordered products can be used in a wide variety of applications, aluminum rectangle tube. At Eagle Mouldings, our stocked inventory includes a wide selection of different sizes and thicknesses of aluminum tubing including sharp or with radiussed corners. We also have the ability to custom cut to length or miter for specific projects and orders. We also have an entire line of aluminum tubing that works with connectors for building frame systems.


Aluminum tubing, also known as tube stock, is highly resistant to corrosion, which makes it a good option for both indoor and outdoor use. Eagle Mouldings offers different types of rectangular tubing with different finish options. The most common requested option we sell is mill finish. We also supply other finishes including powder coated, Brite Dipped, bronze or black anodized finishes.

Most special order finishes other than mill finish is for use on decorative or ornamental construction projects and architectural millwork. In boat and trailer manufacturing, the most common decorative finishes are a great option and can enhance the look of the final product, adding to its style and design.

Uses of Aluminum Tubing

Aluminum rectangle tube is used in a wide range of different industrial, commercial and construction applications. It is perfect for making, forming and welding framework for fuselages and other structural components in the aerospace industry.

The lightweight yet outstanding strength-to-weight ratio is perfect for boat, trailer, and vehicle construction. Adding to this is the corrosion resistance of aluminum, which is particularly important to consider in marine construction and other uses where metal deterioration is a factor.

Important Points

Besides its high corrosion resistance, aluminum is considered to have moderate formability and machinability. In addition, and depending on the specific alloy and temper used in the aluminum tubing, it can also be easy to weld and form or bend. This makes it a practical material on any job site where structural stability is a factor.

Aluminum rectangle tube is considered the ideal product for frames and construction. With its natural strength, durability as well as its longevity, it can be used for building conveyor systems, shelving units, commercial construction or for nearly any custom designed application.

When you need any aluminum tubing, Eagle Mouldings is here to help. While we do carry an impressive line of stocked standard tubing in many shapes and sizes and thicknesses and finishes, we are also able to work with you to create just the size, shape and style of tubing you need for any project, big or small.

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