Building with Aluminum T-Slot Systems

The modular framing system options are endless. 

Eagle Mouldings manufactures and supplies modular aluminum framing systems, like aluminum T-slot, T-slot framing and T-slot systems. The T-slot erector sets are available in numerous widths and lengths. They come in a standard satin or clear anodized finish. Our aluminum T-slot extrusions are attractive, durable, and easy to install. All of our products are non-magnetic, have a high resistance to corrosion and are easy to machine, cut, form, or weld. The options are endless when it comes to building with Aluminum T-Slot systems. 

Versatility for building with extruded T-slot systems 

Modular aluminum framing systems can function in countless different ways in numerous industries and businesses. It can be assembled to construct carts, safety enclosures, worktables, test engineering frames, shelving, office furniture, and point of purchase display frames. It’s also used in packaging and automation, for safety guards and saw guides, and in lean manufacturing. Our T-slotted aluminum extrusions are easy to maintain and clean and are the perfect, durable addition to any project.

There are many advantages to using aluminum extrusions over its heavier counterpart, steel. Aluminum is easier to work with and is strong enough to handle almost any kind of manufacturing or assembly application. 

Aluminum T-slot and modular framing systems are:  

  • Non-magnetic
  • Lightweight but strong, which makes it ideal for manufacturing
  • Extremely durable for rapid and repetitive movements
  • Rust and corrosion resistant 
  • Modern, clean and sleek style 
  • Able to be formed into complex, seamless shapes.

Welded steel fabrications can be awkward and heavy. Aluminum T-slots have become a welcome replacement for builders and engineers. Aluminum extrusions are an excellent choice since it blends seamlessly into most any project.

Create a seamless design with t-slot systems

Anodized aluminum looks clean and modern. It doesn’t need to be painted or primed since anodizing provides a durable finish  and never corrodes. Using aluminum T-slot increases the speed of assembly because frames can be put together by using connecting fasteners. If you use an aluminum T-slot modular framing system, you have no welded joints which allows you to adjust or move the extrusions to exact locations.

One of the remarkable benefits of an aluminum T-slot extrusion is that the pieces or members are fastened with nuts and screws. Steel frames are often welded and the cost of labor is a major expense and consideration. T-slots are modular, with all four sides having the ability to attach or fasten something to it; therefore, holes aren’t needed, providing a seamless design.

Building your aluminum modular system with 80/20 T-slot profiles

Many factors go into choosing what T-slot system and parts are best for your project. T-slot systems, t-bars and t-tracks all offer unique characteristics that will influence how they will be of better use in production and manufacturing. At Eagle Mouldings, we offer T-slot aluminum profiles which offer great solutions to manufacturers and design engineers for all types of projects. 

80/20 T-slot profiles and parts are ideal for every skill level. Aluminum T-slot systems make it a straightforward process for any type project. Whether it is a home improvement project or a more intricate engineering design, T-slot systems help cut down on build time and make the assembly process more efficient than other methods. 

Some projects built with aluminum T-slot systems include: 

  • Custom desks 
  • Hanging shelves 
  • CNC machines and routers 
  • Hot and cold aisle containment 
  • Robotics and automation systems
  • Lift tables 
  • Benches
  • 3D printers 
  • Other engineering and manufacturing systems
  • Garage and workshop organization
  • Corn hole and other yard games

Start creating your Aluminum T-slot system today

There are many advantages in selecting aluminum as your material of choice for your building material needs. The options are truly endless when it comes to building with aluminum T-slot modular framing systems.

We have over 30 years of experience working with aluminum and have an extensive catalog detailing all of the different T-slots available along with all of their technical specifications. We specialize in quality standard and custom aluminum extrusions. Start building your next T-slot with Eagle Mouldings today.