Aluminum Zee Clips & Zee Bars: Uses and Application

When it comes to functionality, it’s hard to beat what is offered by aluminum Z clips and Z bars. For this reason, they are a go-to choice for commercial contractors, construction companies, and homeowners looking to build or remodel. But what are Z bars and clips used for? The wide variety of applications for Z clips ranges from everything including hanging storage units to affixing artwork.

Z-clips and Z-bars are functional both at home and on the job, making them especially helpful for accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Our specially engineered aluminum Eagle-Clip Z-clips and Z-bars provide a quick and simplistic solution to securing everything from cabinets and signage, to panels and shelves, to artwork and picture frames. Regardless of whether you’re building a commercial property, redecorating your home or office, or completing on-the-job remodeling, Z clips and Z bars can be used for hanging a multitude of wall applications.


Retail Space, Office, and Home Applications for Zee Clips 

If you work in an office, showroom or shop where you have shelving and display needs, you will 

probably already know how much of a challenge it can be to put up shelving and add hooks to the wall to secure your products or support your heavy items on shelves. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available to make this process easier and safer. In exploring what Z bars and clips are for and how to use them, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of applications.

Hanging Wall Panels. 

Hanging wall panels is the most common use of Z clips for construction projects. Serving as the visible and exposed surface of the wall, wall panels play an important role in the overall aesthetics of your new space. They are essential for commercial spaces looking to create a stylish environment without committing to the costly and time-consuming process of completely tearing down existing walls. Wall panels can be very heavy and require a hanging system that can truly hold up. 

Hanging Cabinets and Storage Units. 

Z clips are a great choice for hanging storage spaces during construction and remodeling projects, as they can manage a great deal of weight while still remaining invisible to the eye. Z clips can be used for hanging storage units such as kitchen cabinets, home office cabinets, or garage storage units. Z clips are equipped to keep your cabinets in place and strong enough to manage the items you need to store. Also, when Z clips are used in hanging components they help ensure they are level and square at installation for a 

Large and Small Signage. 

Z clips are a go-to solution when it comes to hanging signage. Z clips are available in large and small options depending on the size of the sign you’re hanging, as well as the weight of the sign. The sleek design of Z clips means that signs can be mounted virtually flush against the wall, while also ensuring total stability. 

Exterior Applications.

Exterior applications for Z clips include hanging window shutters, hanging decorative wall panels, and hanging cladding systems. Their strength ensures the items you’re hanging are kept securely in place for a great deal of time.

Z clips are the right choice for many exterior applications because of their durability. Despite even the harshest conditions in weather and moisture, Z clips are very durable and resistant against corrosion. The corrosion resistance of aluminum is very important when it comes to exterior applications, as the product will likely be exposed to various elements such as wind, moisture, and other abrasive conditions that over time can wear products down.

Organizing Storage Spaces

Keeping a garage or other storage space organized is a challenging task for even the most organized individuals. Fortunately, Z clips are useful in addressing this issue as well. While interlocking French cleats systems are an effective option for garage storage, Z clips are just as efficient with the added bonus of conceal-ability. With conceal-ability comes an overall sleeker and cleaner look you’ll appreciate in a space that tends to attract a lot of clutter.

Hanging Mirrors and Artwork. 

If your construction project or remodel calls for signage or the hanging of artwork, Z clips are a must. We’ve all experienced at one time or another, the hassle and frustration that comes with hanging artwork. They will affix your signs and art to the wall easily, keeping objects flush against the wall and in place with perfect alignment. Z clips provide the support you need to keep picture frames and artwork aligned.


Uses and Applications for Aluminum Zee Bar Extrusions

Aluminum z bar extrusions can be used for interior and exterior applications. The z bar is a versatile profile used in construction, store fixtures and displays, signage, enclosures, cabinets, and hanging storage bins and racks. There are many construction applications where z bars, or z channels, can be used for furring out walls or used for insulation applications.

Hanging Wall Panels. Because Z bars are capable of holding a large amount of weight, they are often used to mount wall panels. From mounting wood wall panels to padded wall panels, acoustical panels, and more, Z bars are a go-to option for this application.

Hanging Mirrors, Artworks, and Signage. Z bars are also frequently used in home and office settings to hang smaller items securely. Z bars help maintain a level hanging position, ensuring you don’t suffer from the dreaded crooked picture frame.

Hanging Shelving Units and Display Mechanisms. One of the most common uses of the Z bar is to hang shelving and other types of display options, primarily in a retail setting. Because stores often have a great deal of merchandise they need displayed and available to customers, having an easy way to install and adjust them is essential to keep business growing. For this reason, Z bars are often the first choice because of their simple design and ability to be changed on a regular basis if needed.


Create your Next Project with Aluminum Z Clips & Z Bars 

Installation using Z clips and Z bars is a preferred choice no matter what you use them for, as they are quick to mount, but equally as simple to remove if a sign is no longer needed or must be moved to a different location.  In this case, Eagle Mouldings can work with you to develop a seamless Zee clip system that looks and works great. We can custom cut to any length or design a custom clip to meet your exact specifications.