Aluminum T-Slots Building Potential is Limitless

Eagle Mouldings T-Slot Building Potential

Aluminum T-Slots are one of the most popular aluminum extrusions available and for good reason. The versatility of extruded aluminum T-slots is a worthwhile advantage, because it ensures that they can be used for virtually any type of structural frame, desk, partition, table, CNC machine, robotics application, and any application that needs linear movement capability.

Building Potential & Easy Workability

Their interlocking T-nut functionality makes them easy to apply, set up, and use. When using t-slotted aluminum extrusions, you can apply using T-nut fasteners to create strong, durable, and lightweight structures. Aluminum T-slot extrusions have become a welcome replacement for builders and engineers alike. Aluminum extrusions are an excellent choice since they blend seamlessly into almost any project. Extruded aluminum T-slots can be cut to precise sizes before shipping, to ensure a proper installation while saving time.

Connecting aluminum t-slotted extrusions is easy with the use of T-Nuts. These specialized connectors slot into the grooves of each T-slot and allow the use of bolts to tighten with them securing your project. Because the grooves travel the entire length of the extrusion, this makes it easy to fully customize the extrusion to the exact specifications you need. T-nuts work to make your modular aluminum T-slot project easy and secure.

Benefits of Aluminum T-Slotted Extrusions

There are many advantages to using extruded aluminum T-slots over their heavier counterpart, steel. Aluminum is easier to work with and is strong enough to handle almost any type of manufacturing or assembly application.

Aluminum is a very malleable metal allowing for a more extensive variety of die shapes and t-slot extrusion details to be reached. Aluminum is extremely durable since it does not rust and can be formed into complex, seamless shapes. Aluminum t-slots are non-magnetic and transfer heat efficiently like copper. T-slot extrusions made from aluminum are lightweight but strong, making them ideal for manufacturing. It can be recycled many times over without the loss of properties, making it a perfect metal to be used for many generations.

One of the remarkable advantages of an extruded aluminum T-slot is that the pieces or members are fastened with nuts and screws. There are several different joint configurations that you can choose from making sure your project is effective and maintains the highest integrity. Steel frames are often welded, and the cost of labor is a major expense and consideration. T-slot frames are modular, with all four sides having the ability to attach or fasten something to them; therefore, holes aren’t required. Using aluminum T-slot increases the speed of assembly because frames can be put together by using connecting fasteners. If you use an aluminum T-slot system, you have no welded joints which allow you to adjust or move the extrusions to exact locations.

Anodized Aluminum T-Slots

Anodized aluminum looks clean and modern. When aluminum extrusions are anodized, they do not need to be painted or primed. The electrochemical process of anodization seals the finish and never corrodes. This both elevates the appearance of your project and increases the longevity of the extrusions. By choosing anodized aluminum t-slot extrusions you avoid adding a layer of paint or powder coating that may affect the functionality, groove size, or could cause misalignment. Eagle Mouldings offers a variety of anodized aluminum finishes including standard colors such as clear, bronze, black, and more specialty colors like pewter, tomato red, jade green, or gold.

Eagle Mouldings Aluminum T-Slot Extrusions

There are many advantages to selecting extruded aluminum t-slots as your material of choice for your project material needs. At Eagle Mouldings, we have over 30 years of experience working with aluminum and have an extensive catalog detailing all the different T-slots available along with all their technical specifications. We specialize in quality standard and custom aluminum extrusions. Reach out via email (, by phone(link to phone), or with an easy quote request and our aluminum t-slot system specialists will be sure to get back to you.