Creating Art With Aluminum Extrusions

Eagle Mouldings moves a lot of metal through our warehouse to keep up with daily customer needs. Every day we work with customers within the architectural millwork industry to create custom aluminum extrusions for their commercial projects. We take great pride in knowing we can help an architect, design engineer, general contractor or store fixture and display designer be as creative as their imaginations will let them. Architects often are artists who like to create newly designed spaces and shapes not commonly used or that do not yet exist. With our ability to provide the highest quality custom and stock aluminum extrusions, we can help transform a dream into reality.

Modern office interior design with wall of synthetic wood panels

What makes Aluminum a top choice for Architects & Design Engineers?

There are many reasons aluminum is one of the most popular materials used within the architectural and design industry. It is extremely light, but incredibly strong and durable. Aluminum weighs between one-half to two-thirds less than steel, but is still nearly as strong.  Aluminum is also not prone to corrosion, making it a preferred material if a project is exposed to the elements.

Aluminum Wall Panel Dividers (2)

Most important, aluminum is quite easy to form into an arch or a radius for a curved surface like a wall or reception desk. It is also easy to machine or fabricate in aluminum. Options to mechanically finish an aluminum extrusion surface to change its look include a hammered finish, brushed finish, DA or orbital finish. Aluminum can be beaten, stretched or pressed without fracturing or breaking. Aluminum can be extruded or formed into many different shapes.

What Makes Eagle Mouldings Aluminum Extrusions A Top Choice For Architects?

When an architect dreams up a new shape or designs a new aluminum extrusion that doesn’t currently exist, Eagle Mouldings and our in-house design team will be there to assist in turning an idea into reality. We will explain options, lead times and ways to cost-effectively get the extrusion through the different finishing processes.

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We will thoroughly explain each step to prevent surprises that can occur along the way. This is what we do, and we do it well. We love to get involved with a customer’s project from beginning to successful conclusion. It is fulfilling for us to partner on projects and help find solutions that meet customers’ design needs, cost requirements and lead time.

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It goes without saying that cost, quality and turnaround are critical on any project. Based on our 29 years of experience specializing in creating and supplying aluminum extrusions for the architectural millwork industry, a supplier needs three key capabilities to effectively deliver to the industry:

  • The breadth and depth of custom and specialty aluminum extrusions in an array of finishes in-stock and ready to ship, plus tested resources to track down answers for designers and purchasing department buyers who may be seeing a profile for the first time.
  • The willingness to take risks and apply non-traditional thinking to solve challenges – like design, build and deliver – that come with a new, custom aluminum extrusion design.
  • A track record in paying attention to the non-routine details involved in working outside the box. Sourcing creative aluminum to match creative architectural millwork has the best chance for success with a supplier who is regularly asked to push the boundaries.