Different Ways to Use Slatwall

Different Uses of Slatwall

Whether at home, in retail spaces, or at the office, finding an organized method of storing or displaying a collection of various items is never easy. Even the most popular storage solutions still lack functionality, making it difficult to quickly locate the item you need and causing a great deal of frustration. Fortunately, there is a solution that has proven to be a highly effective system for storing, displaying, and organizing valuables: metal slatwall inserts. Slatwall is an incredibly versatile system that boasts a number of different uses, including in retail spaces, in the home, in small-space places like RVs and trailers, and even on the road for trade show displays. Below we’ll take a look at the benefits of using Slatwall, as well as the many uses for this highly functional system.

What is Slatwall?

Before we dig into the many uses of Slatwall, it’s important to have an understanding of what slatwall is. Slatwall dates back to the 1960’s after an innovative consumer identified the need for a more organized system for displaying goods. Simply put, Slatwall is a structural material used to create wall coverings or display fixtures. It is most often constructed from wood panels that feature horizontal grooves or slats that are capable of accepting various accessories such as bins, hooks, and shelves. Slatwall is available in a variety of forms including free-standing styles, or full wall panels that can be affixed to existing walls. In many cases, a Slatwall system will be reinforced with aluminum inserts that fit into the grooves of the Slatwall. Not only does this aluminum provide added strength and support, when highlighted with color it gives the user the option to customize the look of their Slatwall as desired.

There are a variety of terms used to describe a Slatwall system that you might encounter, such as slotwall, groove wall, and bracket board, just to name a few.

Benefits to Using Slatwall

No matter the way in which you plan to use Slatwall, there are a number of benefits to this system that all will appreciate. For one, aluminum Slatwall is incredibly durable. Despite the fact that it can be loaded with a variety of heavy objects, Slatwall is known to hold up over time. Further, it is very difficult to damage Slatwall, adding to its impressive life expectancy. Another benefit to using Slatwall is that it can be customized in terms of color and design to match the style, décor, or use of space. This is particularly beneficial in retail settings where specific colors are needed to maintain brand image. Finally, Slatwall is very affordable and can be repurposed over and over again for another display and use. With such versatility, you can have a user-friendly, durable, and versatile storage solution for your space.

Ways to Use Slatwall

Retail. One of the most popular uses of Slatwall is in retail spaces. Stores rely on Slatwall to display merchandise in a way that is neat and organized, ensuring that customers find the objects they need in a quick and easy manner. This is critical to the success of a store, as there is nothing worse from the customer’s perspective than entering into a store full of disheveled shelves. Further, retail slat walls for display stands make sense because they are space-saving. Department stores and local boutiques alike can benefit from space-saving tactics like retail slatwall panels that allow them to present additional merchandise inventory in a clean, orderly, and efficient shopping experience. Using retail slat walls for displays utilizes the vertical space of the store’s walls that might otherwise go unused.

RV & Trailers. Living or traveling in a small space means that even a small amount of clutter can leave you feeling cramped. Slatwall is a great solution for RVs and trailers, providing a vertical storage option that utilizes space on the walls that might otherwise be left bare. With an assortment of Slatwall options, you can easily store clothes, food, pots and pans, silverware, and more in easy-to-access spots throughout the RV or trailer. Trailers used for field work can benefit by having tools, inventory, parts, and product display options accessible when traveling to work sites, mobile locations, or events.

Tradeshow Displays and Exhibits. For many businesses, tradeshows are an important source of revenue and help to build brand awareness for any company. The process of traveling to various locations with lots of merchandise, and then deciding how to display it in a way that catches the eye of passersby can be tricky. Tradeshow Slatwall can quell all display woes, providing a highly organized display solution so all your products are visible to potential customers.

In the Home. While you’re most likely familiar with Slatwall used in stores, there are a wide variety of uses for it in the home. One use of Slatwall in the home is for organizing the garage. In many homes, the garage becomes a place for dumping a variety of items, from tools to bikes to toys, and everything in between. Slatwall display panels make organizing this space a breeze, allowing you to hang items so that they are organized and easy to access as needed. Not only is Slatwall a great solution for organizing the garage, it can also help to minimize the clutter in a home office. A small Slatwall system on the wall can serve as the perfect location for pinning important notes, storing office supplies, and keeping track of documents and files. You might also consider installing Slatwall in your closet for a very organized, aesthetically pleasing method for arranging clothes, shoes, bags, and more.

Eagle Mouldings Slatwall Solutions

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