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Architectural Aluminum & Aluminum Construction Profiles

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Modern architecture would not be possible without aluminum. If you have an inspiration for a custom element, build with Aluminum.

Eagle Mouldings can supply a wide range of aluminum construction profiles and architectural aluminum extruded products to include fencing, railing, decking. With experience meeting the construction industry’s demand for high-quality products, we are an ideal partner for any builder.

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“When a designer, engineer or architect inquires about creating a unique custom shape, Eagle Mouldings can deliver personalized customer service, quick lead time and great pricing.”
“Eagle worked with us to create a custom shape. I found the service to be professional, productive and ultimately successful. I genuinely appreciate the efforts of all involved and I plan to work with them again on future projects.”

Sr. Design Engineer,
National Architecture Firm

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Your master plan awaits.

Unique, innovative and sustainable design brought to life. The art and science of building the places in which to live, work, play, learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, and eat.

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Limitless possibilities

For architects, designers and engineers, the possibilities are endless when designing with aluminum extrusions. Aluminum profiles provide the solution to many design challenges. Don’t compromise your design to accommodate standard shapes. Design exactly the shape you need and let the our production process accommodate the design. We offer design solutions featuring aluminium profiles for all industries. Let us help you with your custom designs.[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][mk_padding_divider][vc_column_text]

Lead time reduction

Maintaining the integrity of your original vision isn’t just important; it’s paramount. At Eagle Mouldings, we understand how lead time and the moving pieces of a project give you a lot to manage, which is why we are the best at delivering the shortest lead times for quote turnaround, custom die solutions design and development, sending a catalog or prototype samples, providing the desired finish, and accurately shipping the final product.[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][mk_padding_divider][vc_column_text]

Collaboration & Customer Service

Have a design concept that calls for a custom shape and need guidance on how best to execute it in an aluminum extrusion? Eagle Mouldings is a true resource for designers, engineers and architects alike. We are a single source supplier of custom extruded aluminium profiles. We work closely and responsively with our customers to provide the best custom die solutions with the best customer service, quality products and competitive pricing.[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”true” el_class=”.bg-stairs” css=”.vc_custom_1511291361172{background-image: url(https://eagle-aluminum.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/eagle-architectural-aluminum-ready-to-start-bg.jpg?id=12230) !important;background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}”][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1457643997164{padding-top: 0px !important;padding-bottom: 0px !important;}”][mk_padding_divider size=”80″][vc_column_text]

Ready to Start a Project?

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Architectural Aluminum Extrusions For Your Design Concepts

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  • Corporate Boardrooms & Offices
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Sports Arenas & Stadiums
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Retail Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
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  • House Interiors
  • Apartment Interiors
  • House Exteriors
  • Gardens & Pools
  • Awnings & Railings
  • Retro Countertop & Table Trim
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  • Healthcare, hospitals & clinics
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Sports Arenas & Stadiums
  • Schools & Education
  • Religious Facilities
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  • Public spaces, Parks and Recreation
  • City planning & Civil Engineering
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Solar & Energy Production
  • Datacenter
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Architectural Aluminum Profiles FAQs

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How does Eagle Mouldings succeed at being a single source supplier of aluminum extrusions for architects and design engineers?

Architects and design engineers designing a space that calls for custom or standard aluminum extrusions will call Eagle because they know we can meet their needs for custom and standard-shapes; no matter the quantity. Eagle Mouldings is the leading supplier for depth and breadth of inventory and can fulfill most immediate needs from the stock on-hand. Thus providing a reduction in lead time on a project.

No detail is too small for Eagle Mouldings.

Details are where architects make the biggest difference to any architectural design. Details need to meet the architects requirements for aesthetics and sustainability. Extruded aluminum profiles are a cost effective way to add distinction to any design. Our aluminum extrusions and trims are available in a variety of colors and finishes, can be cut to any length, and meets specified requirements for sustainability.

What are the characteristics of extruded aluminum trim?

Aluminum can be extruded into virtually any shapes or size. Most extruded shapes for architectural use are fabricated from an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements, commonly referred to as the architectural alloy and are intended for design aesthetics. It has a very smooth surface and is the best alloy suited to provide a rich anodized finish on nearly any application. Extruded aluminum trim adds durability and longevity to construction that other trim materials lack. Aluminum trim is a highly versatile metal-forming process that has a wide array of characteristics useful to architects and design engineers.

  • Adds a design aesthetic to a wide range of building types.
  • Offers nearly unlimited profile choices.
  • Can be anodized or coated to provide added protection against harsh weather conditions and allows for paint adhesion.
  • It can be designed to match color, metal thickness and dimensions of many major cementitious siding manufacturer.
  • Available in anodized, standard color palette, or ready to paint finishes.
  • Sustainable material, 75 percent to 100 percent post industrial and post consumer scrap.
  • Can be used for interior and exterior weather conditions.
  • Highly durable and will long outlast caulk.
  • Poses no health or physical hazard.

What if I need thousands of feet of architectural aluminum extrusions?

Most suppliers just don’t have the space to keep a large quantity of the same shape extrusion in stock. We know what it takes to be a premier go-to source for standard extrusions…because we understand our customers’ needs. We keep our warehouse fully stocked, and monitor our inventory daily. Our warehouse is stocked with millions of feet of aluminum extrusions.

Do you supply custom aluminum construction profiles and extrusions?

Yes, and that is why we currently work with so many architects and design engineers. Custom extrusions can create a signature design solution with differentiation, personalization, enhanced function, and greater value. The aluminum extrusion process is ideal for custom solutions because tooling costs and turnaround times among the lowest of material processes. You don’t have to be constrained by thinking in terms of only tube, rectangles, L’s, C’s, etc. Think outside of the box.

How does Eagle stand out when it comes to custom architectural aluminum extrusions?

Architects and designers know how to design, evaluate and specify structures based on familiar, limited shape choices, and commonly available design software. They know how to fabricate and join these limited choices into structures that meet their needs. When working with aluminum extrusion, however, often the designer is not choosing a standard shape, but creating the shape that does not yet exist in order to meet their desired aesthetic and/or function. The extrusion process provides the unique ability to create a shape with metal placed exactly where required for aesthetic, structural or functional purposes. Solid or hollow, shapes can be customized to best achieve their intended purpose. We have helped hundreds of customers develop and create custom aluminum extrusion dies. We can help with the process from start to finish. We understand that subtle differences in a profile design can translate to significant differences in costs.

Considerations in creating custom dies for architectural aluminum extrusions…

You have an inspiration for a custom design element – a canopy, decorative railing, or a sun-shade system – something that will bring distinction and uniqueness to your project – is it feasible? There are a few things you should take under consideration to make sure stay on time and on budget. We can help you work through the process to consider the availability of the extrusion die that will produce the size/shape you envision and the cost and budget implications. We will help you determine the shape’s weight-per-lineal-foot and it’s “circle size” (the smallest circle that fits around the shape). We can also help you with the alloy selection and profile design taking into account the structural considerations and tolerance & surface specifications and desired finish.

How do I start the process of creating a custom aluminum extrusion die with Eagle Mouldings?

Mike or Thor Needs to Write This.

How does Eagle handle custom colors and finishes for aluminum construction materials?

One of the most important things we do for architectural aluminum customers – particularly when it comes to architects and designers – is to be a specialist and a consultant on aluminum extrusion custom colors and finishes. An architect creating something new and unique has a very clear idea about the finished look and feel of the project. But they’re not experts in all the details of aluminum finishing, from powder coating and wet painting to anodizing and mechanical finishes. We’re glad to make that our job. An architect might call-out a brushed finish, but they really are envisioning a satin finish. The two finishes are completely distinct from each other and require different processes.

Why you should consider aluminum construction materials for your next residential or commercial project?

  • Lightweight and strong: Aluminum is one of the rare construction materials that doesn’t sacrifice durability for weight. Select high-strength aluminum alloys are frequently used for structural beams or for supporting heavy window panels to maximize natural light.
  • Corrosion resistant: Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant and can be used in outdoor applications with little additional processing. This makes it a versatile choice that can be painted or finished to meet any branding or design requirements without worrying about long-term durability.
  • Eco-friendly: Because aluminum can be melted and reused with no loss in quality, it is one of the most eco-friendly building materials available today. Producing and processing it is extremely energy efficient. As a result, the use of aluminum can help your building qualify for LEED and other certifications.
  • Cost-effective: Aluminum’s infinite recyclability and reduced energy production requirements aren’t just good for the environment — they’re also good for your bottom line. To keep costs down while ensuring a quality product, Pennex Aluminum Company aluminum construction materials are made with a minimum 70% recycled materials. Contact our office to request a quote today.

Will you ship directly to a job site?

We sure do! We just ask that someone is available to sign for delivery.

Do you ship international orders?

Eagle ships anywhere FedEx and UPS deliver.

Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

Customers can pick up orders during our standard business hours, which are typically between 8 am and 5 pm. We will also make accommodations, outside business hours, whenever possible. We understand deadline and we will do everything we can to help you meet yours.

Interested in building with aluminum?

Eagle Mouldings can help. We supply a wide range of architectural and structural aluminum extruded products. With experience meeting the construction industry’s demand for high-quality products, we are an ideal partner for any architect, design engineer or builder.[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider][/vc_column][/vc_row]