Need a Customized, Extruded Aluminum Rectangle Tube?

Are you looking for customized aluminum tube extrusions? Whether you’re in the market for aluminum round, square, telescope, or rectangle tubing, a trusted aluminum supplier can assist you. If you’re in need of specific parts for building or machining, extrusion is an affordable way to guarantee your standard or custom requirements are met and exceeded. An experienced company will provide you with access to innumerable OEM dies or create a die for you, ensuring your tubing is shaped to your exact specs.

Pros of Aluminum

Aluminum is chosen for many different projects and applications because it’s a flexible yet strong metal that offers several advantages. For one, aluminum resists corrosion, meaning it doesn’t rust and is protected by a natural oxide coating. Secondly, it’s tough yet lighter than other metals, such as steel or brass, which often makes it more affordable due to lower shipping costs. Lastly, it’s flexible and resilient. So, whether you’re purchasing an aluminum rectangle tube, sheets, or trimming, you can feel confident in aluminum’s overall usability.

The Extrusion Process

Aluminum extrusions are an affordable method of obtaining custom and OEM dies for fabrications and machinery. In essence, aluminum extrusion involves pushing a heated billet of aluminum through a standard or custom die via an extrusion machine. Once the extrusion hardens, it’s sawed down to suit length requirements. Afterward, it’s rapidly aged in an oven, which causes it to hardened and strengthen. If you’re in need of an extruded aluminum rectangle tube or another shape, select a company that has extensive experience meeting the needs of different types of industry professionals.

Applications for Tubing

There are a wide variety of forms available with extruded aluminum tubing, including rectangle, telescope, square and circular shapes. Aluminum tubes and bars are commonly used in fabrications and building applications, especially as aluminum itself presents a number of advantages. If you’re planning to create a retail display, promotional signage, framework for a building, etc., aluminum rectangular tubing may play an important element in the design.

Whether you’re involved in the architectural, railing, fencing, signage industry, or another field, a dependable aluminum supplier can meet your needs with quality extrusions and materials.

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