Slatwall Panels: Hang Decorations or Inventory Items Easily

Eagle Mouldings Slatwall Panels

Slatwall – sometimes referred to as slotwall – provides an intelligent, hassle-free solution to the aggravation that can accompany organization. If you’re looking to introduce order to your workspace, slotwall can help you create a workable organization system for your items. Experienced companies that supply aluminum products often carry slotwall and other essential pieces, such as inserts and cutter bits. To purchase the highest quality slotwall for your workplace, trust a knowledgeable, esteemed supplier for superior aluminum products.

About Aluminum Slatwall

Slatwall is a useful building application available in a wide variety of materials and is cost-effective and easy to install. One of the most commonly chosen materials for slatwall and Slatwall inserts is aluminum, which ensures durability and strength. Slotwall is made as a stackable panel or as an insert that slides into a set of horizontal grooves that were created in an MDF board. Hooks can be placed in the grooves, making it easier to hang and display items as needed. Ideal for residential, industrial, and commercial use, slotwall serves several organizational and display purposes.

Why Slatwall Inserts are Necessary

To strengthen & maintain the integrity of your MDF slatwall, it’s important to take preemptive action by purchasing inserts. Aluminum inserts are designed to protect the slotwall grooves, which can crack and break over time if they’re not properly protected. Inserts slide into the slots and improve the longevity of slotwall, giving users the freedom to add items as needed without worrying about damage to the paneling. Additionally, the inserts will allow you to use hooks to hang as many objects as necessary, making it easier to organize and keep track of merchandise and supplies.

Using Stackable Slatwall Solutions

If aluminum slatwall inserts don’t quite fit your application, you also have the option to use a slatwall solution made entirely of aluminum. Stackable aluminum slatwall solutions allow for a seamless look to your slot wall. Simply cut your stackable slat wall cut to the width you’d like, and build the panels up to the height you need, and frame with aluminum channel extrusions.  Customize it a step further with specialty anodized aluminum finishes to complete your aesthetic.

Endless Applications

In general, slotwall is installed to prevent wall damage and allow industrial, residential, and commercial users to efficiently house different items. As opposed to hammering in nails, using sticky nails, or installing multiple shelves, slotwall is simple to attach to a wall, regardless of how much or how little of the wall you’d like it to cover. Once you’ve installed slotwall, you can fasten as many or as few items as you desire to the horizontal grooves. Slotwall is ideal for virtually any environment where organization is essential, be it in a classroom, tool shop, clothing store, or industrial facility.

Slatwall Solutions from Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings is the premier supplier for all things aluminum extrusions. Our variety of slatwall systems ensure that you can easily hang your décor, display, or organizational features. With our expert and custom finishing and fabrication services, your slatwall will be ready for installation when it leaves our warehouse. Additionally, you can purchase the pairing slatwall cutter bit to ensure your slatwall insert perfectly fits into the panel at hand. View our inventory on our website, in our Eagle Mouldings Extrusions Catalog  or give us a call for more information!