Telescoping Tubes 101

Telescoping Tubing 101

Though you may not have heard the specific term “telescoping tubes” before, you may be familiar with its applications, some of which many of us use on a daily basis. Much like the way a submarine telescope expands in length to allow for better visibility, telescoping tubing allows for increased functionality and versatility in a variety of products. This versatility allows us to create adjustable structures that fit our needs. In this guide, we’ll explore exactly what a telescopic tube is, the types of telescoping tubes available, and tips for telescoping. Plus, you’ll learn about the benefits of telescoping aluminum tubing.

What is Telescoping Tubing?

Simply put, telescoping tube is a type of tubing used for applications where one tube fits inside and slides in that tube together, allowing it to extend into a longer tube. By simply pulling or pushing on either the exterior or interior tubing, you can easily expand or retract the tubing, altering the length of the entire piece. There are a number of applications for a telescoping tube that most of us are familiar with. Some of the most common telescoping tubing applications include camera booms, table legs, flag poles, shower curtains, and adjustable racks. Telescoping tubes pipe sizes vary, but can be done in both small and large sizes. For example, it’s possible to create telescoping pipe fittings for a small table in addition to telescoping pipe fittings for a tall flagpole.

Not only can you customize telescoping tube sizes, but there are also other ways to increase the usability and functionality of your telescoping tubing. For example, you have the option to add locking button inserts and plastic end caps as needed.

Telescoping Tubing Materials: Why Aluminum?

When it comes to the material that telescoping tubing is made of, there are a number of options. However, the most popular choice for most applications is aluminum. Telescoping aluminum tubing is a common choice because of the unique benefits offered by aluminum. Aluminum is incredibly durable, able to hold up against wear and tear much better than other metals. In fact, aluminum is highly corrosion-resistant, meaning you won’t have to deal with rust and other signs of breakdown.

Additionally, telescoping aluminum tubing is lightweight. No matter the telescoping aluminum tubing sizes you select, your finished product will be significantly lighter than if the item had been produced from other metals. This is a great benefit, particularly for items that need to be carried around, lifted over your head like tree extension saws, or moved frequently like tables, camera tripods, or tradeshow display exhibits.

Finally, telescoping aluminum is affordable. While other materials require a hefty investment, completing a project using telescoping aluminum tubing is cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Types of Telescoping Tubes

Telescoping aluminum extrusions can be made in a few different shapes, depending on the need. The most common options on the market are telescoping aluminum square tubing, telescoping round tubing, and also telescoping rectangular aluminum tubing. The majority of applications will call for telescoping aluminum square tubing. Most people choose to use telescoping aluminum square tubing over other options like telescoping round tubing because in most cases, it is the easiest and simplest to use. Just as with all telescoping aluminum tubing, you are able to customize telescoping square tubing sizes.

Another option is to use telescoping round tubing. To ensure your tubes will telescope, you’ll want to take careful measurement of your round telescoping aluminum tubing sizes. For example, to figure out the inside diameter of your tubing, you’ll need to subtract the wall thickness from the outside diameter x2.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing from Eagle Mouldings

If you’re in the market for telescoping aluminum tubing, you’ve come to the right place. Eagle Mouldings specialize in all kinds of telescoping aluminum tubing, including telescoping aluminum square tubing, telescoping round tubing, and telescoping rectangular aluminum tubing. No matter the telescoping aluminum you need, you can find a wide range of telescoping pipe sizes fit for any project, including both large and small telescoping square tubing sizes, round tubing sizes, and rectangular tubing sizes. All of our telescoping aluminum tubings are made from highly durable, top-quality aluminum, to you know you’re getting a product that is built to last no matter the use. Our knowledgeable customer service team is experienced in helping customers find just the right telescoping aluminum they need, so we’re happy to assist with any questions about telescoping pipe sizes, telescoping pipe fittings, and more. Contact us today to find the telescoping aluminum square tubing, telescoping round tubing, or telescoping rectangular tubing you’re missing.

Not seeing what you need? We’re happy to create custom telescoping aluminum extrusions to your exact specifications. Call our customer service team at Eagle Mouldings to discuss custom telescoping aluminum extrusions always at a fair and affordable price.

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