Who Would Use Kick Plates?

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When it comes to selecting all the items you need for your next project, there are several details to consider – large and small. One of the smaller details you might need are aluminum kick plates. Aluminum kick plates are essential for many commercial building applications as well as residential properties, though they can be easily overlooked. However, though a seemingly small detail, kick plates play a big part in protecting and maintaining the look and integrity of your build. But who exactly would use kick plates, and should you purchase them for your project? Read on to learn more about this essential piece and why you should incorporate them on your property.

 What are Kick Plates?

Simply put, aluminum kick plates are an aluminum sheet stock that is affixed toward the bottom half of a door, commonly found on the side of the door that is pushed in. Kick plates are mainly designed to minimize damage and are common, especially in high traffic locations, where doors are exposed to higher amounts of wear and tear. The name itself refers to the idea that when someone’s hands are full, they will often use their foot to kick the door open. As you might imagine over time, this would damage and put continued stress on the doors’ structural integrity to where it may need future repair.

How Do Kick Plates Work?

The concept of door kick plates is simple; it is a sheet of durable material that covers the bottom portion of the door to absorb the impact of people kicking and pushing the door open. A typical kick plate will be between 10 and 36 inches tall and can be constructed from a range of metals including brass, stainless steel, and commonly, aluminum. Given the range of materials and finishes available, customizing your kickplates to match the aesthetics of your building and complement the architectural millwork is easy. The material itself is hard to scuff or dent, and the door’s structural integrity is protected by hard use. The application of aluminum kick plates is quick and easy, as the plates can be attached with several screws, resulting in significantly extending the life of the door.

 Who Would Use Kick Plates?

In busy environments, doors are often used constantly. Settings such as hospitals and supermarkets will often see hundreds of people pass through the doors each day, and over time this will cause wear and tear on the doors surface area. One of the biggest causes of damage is from people using their feet, two-wheelers or work carts to push open the door, which is why kick plates should be used in these situations.

Some of the most common applications for aluminum kick plates include:

  • Department Stores / Restaurants / Commercial Spaces. Convenience stores, clothing shops, furniture stores, hospitals, office buildings, public bathrooms, hotels and more, are especially at risk for damage to doors given the large number of people who flow in and out on a daily basis. Damage can also occur as customers transport items to and from their cars and use their feet or carts to open the door. Aluminum kick plates will keep doors in great condition over time even in very busy shopping locations.
  • Homeowners. Whether you own a single home or manage multi-family properties, kick plates are a necessity for your doors in high traffic areas. With a high volume of people moving in and out, it is easy for dents, scratches, and scrapes to occur. Kick plates can provide the proper protection to the most vulnerable area of the doors.


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