Aluminum Hat Channels for Your Wall and Ceiling Applications

When it comes to leveling or furring out masonry walls and ceilings, hat channel extrusions are second to none. Made from aluminum, these Hat Channels are lightweight and can help with leveling or furring in a variety applications. Eagle Mouldings offers a wide assortment of hat channel sizes and thicknesses to suit your application or needs.

What is a Furring Channel?

A furring channel is a framing component that is used to create an even and structurally sound surface. These channels are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Concrete wall applications
  • Drop ceiling applications
  • Ceiling assemblies
  • Masonry wall applications
  • Exterior applications
  • Architectural curtainwall applications

Our hat channel extrusions and components are available in many different sizes, heights and thicknesses to meet a variety of needs or applications. If you’re in need of custom sizes, Eagle Mouldings has the expertise to design custom hat channel sizes if needed regardless of the requirements.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Furring Channels

Our hat channels are made out of aluminum, providing strong and lightweight functionality throughout any project. Weighing one-third less than that of steel, aluminum has proven to be a reliable, lightweight material to use for structural applications. Our aluminum furring channels are also corrosion resistant due to the naturally produced oxide coating that aluminum yields. This makes them resistant to deterioration, making them a great component for not only interior applications, but also exterior building projects.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions to Meet Your Unique Needs

We carry a wide variety of extruded aluminum parts, including a range of aluminum hat channel extrusions to meet all of your wall and ceiling needs. At Eagle Mouldings, we have channels in stock that are 3.384″ X .750″ tall, 3.32″ X 1″ tall, 3″ X 7/8″ tall, 3-3/4″ X 1/2″ tall, and 5″ X 1-7/8″ tall. If we don’t stock what you need, we will create a custom and OEM aluminum hat channel extrusion.

With more than 27 years of experience in providing manufactured and quality custom extruded shapes, Eagle Mouldings is your source for aluminum hat channel. Please visit us today at or call us at 1-800-888-2044.

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