Buying Anodized Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

We understand that when it comes to purchasing anodized aluminum rectangular tubing, consumers have a lot of different options. Some customers only require mill finish but others need this product for store fixture or store displays or some other visual product. When it comes to high quality finishes on extruded aluminum tubing, Eagle Mouldings has what you need.

Eagle Mouldings has hundreds of anodized extrusions available from small quantity projects to very large commercial roll outs. Our employees know the right questions to ask in order to understand the full scope of your project—allowing us to make recommendations and helping you to find all the components you need to complete your project.

There are several advantages to buying from a specialty aluminum extrusion supplier like Eagle Mouldings. We have more in-stock custom extrusions than any other warehouse in the U.S. In addition, we create more custom extrusions annually than anyone we know in the industry. This means our customers ultimately save time and money.

Eagle mouldings and its customer service team have been serving a wide range of industries since 1989. Our vast experience in serving the retail design and display markets allows us to bring more insights to your project.


We are able to assist our customers with the most common, light fabrication needs. This includes precision cutting, deburring, punching, drilling and countersinking as well as forming and bending.

Depending on the specific use of anodized aluminum rectangular tubing, we can even assist with assembly. This will decrease the amount of fabrication work you have to do on the components we provide, helping to speed up the development of a prototype or of overall production.


Eagle Mouldings offers anodizing, powder coating, painting, polishing, chemical washing, media blasting, brushing and straight lining. We have custom anodized finishes in a range of colors to better suit popular décor color schemes.

We can do small runs of custom aluminum shapes, we are always happy to work with our customers on smaller projects as well. Our staff is trained to answer your questions and ensure we can assist in finding everything you need. From anodized aluminum rectangular tubing to the connectors that work with them. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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