Solve the hassle of shelving with slatwall

Mounting shelving can be a hassle, with brackets and screws that need to be exactly even and level in order for the wood to sit correctly across the top. Mounting several of them in a business environment can be time consuming, costly and very frustrating, and need to be just right so they do not cause accidents and injury by falling down. This is the main reason why many businesses use slatwall as their solution to this problem.

What is slatwall?

Slatwall is made of several slats of material (normally reinforced wood or aluminum) that are held together in a zig-zag formation. Between the slats, the wall dips inwards to create a slot which can be used with brackets to quickly mount shelves, product hangers and pictures, making the wall the perfect solution for many different businesses. Fixtures simply slot in securely without screws, meaning that they can be installed in seconds and removed and rearranged as necessary.

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