The Z clip – an amazing invention!

Whether you’re making changes to your home, office space, or store, finding the right products to help your project flow as smoothly as possible is key. One item to make sure you have on your list is the Z clip. The Z clip is a common find in most modern offices and stores due to the fact they are a small, affordable way to safely mount items to the wall. This could include but is not limited to heavy framed pictures, shelves loaded with books and files, cabinets and cupboards and even electrical equipment. Despite their small size, Z clips are favored over alternatives because of their incredible strength and durability.


Z Clip Installation Process

Hanging items small and large is made easy with the Z clip, whether hanging a picture in your home or a wall panel at the office. The best part about this product is that they are very easy to install, causing minimal surface damage. To install a Z clip, begin by screwing in one clip to the object you plan to hang. Then, screw a second Z clip into the wall. When connected, the two Z clips create a male and female piece that fit securely together. Because you have control over where the Z clip is placed, they can be easily concealed and hidden from sight. If you want to move the item you’ve hung or removed altogether, simply unscrew the clips.


You Can Rely on A Well-Constructed Z Clip

The material used to make a Z clip is important, as this will denote how much weight can be applied to the Z clip without it failing. Aluminum clips are light in weight and can carry the weight of a bookcase or an entire wall panel without any worry of them falling and causing damage. So long as the clips are mounted correctly into secure stud posts and are secured with properly sized fasteners, this type of installation should offer a secure lifetime of support in the home, office, warehouse or retail environment it is used in.


Use for Z Clips

Hanging signage or artwork. One of the most common applications for the Z clip is to hang artwork or signage. With ease, you can secure paintings, wall decorations and signs. You can hang almost any item on the wall and have it secure and level in a matter of minutes.

Hanging cabinets and storage units. Another application for the Z clip is to hang storage units. When hanging shelving, cabinets or other similar storage pieces, it’s important to use a secure method to prevent the unit from falling once weight is added. Z clips can hold a great deal of weight while remaining out of sight, giving you peace of mind that your items will be held in place for years to come.

Exterior uses. In addition to a range of interior applications, there are a variety of exterior applications for the Z clip. For example, Z clips are an ideal choice when hanging window shutters, decorative panels, or cladding systems. Z clips are the right choice for such exterior applications due to their strength and ability to hold a large amount of weight. In addition to their strength, however, Z clips fit most exterior applications largely because of their durability. Most Z clips are made from aluminum that is corrosion-resistant, able to hold up over time even when exposed to harsh weather conditions like wind and moisture.

Hanging wall panels. Another common use for Z clips is to hang commercial & residential wall panels. Using a combination of 12’ rails and 2” clips, Eagle Mouldings Z Clips are widely used to hang 4’ x 8’ commercial wall panels in schools, offices, government buildings, restaurants, and sports stadiums. Whether your hanging acoustical wall panels in a music studio or decorative padded wall panels for your home or commercial gym space, Z clips have the holding power to keep panels secure and in place.


Z Clips from Eagle Mouldings

Z clips are truly an amazing invention with a wide range of possible applications. With help from Eagle Mouldings, your next project will be a breeze with high-quality Z clips that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact a member of our customer service team today to discuss the Z clip options available or to receive a custom quote.


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