Extruded Aluminum and Architectural Millwork

At Eagle Aluminum, we offer one of the largest libraries of extruded aluminum. By providing you with the best custom aluminum extrusions, it allows you to have endless opportunities with your designs. Architectural millwork is a detailed craft and we are committed to every last detail. 

When working with any architectural millwork company, we take the time to make sure every finishing detail is perfect. 

Aluminum Application for Architectural Millwork 

All millwork companies are looking for creative ways to design a new space or environment and Eagle Aluminum can help provide a path for integrating aluminum into all their works. Our extrusions are designed for unique spaces where wood and aluminum go together. Our large library allows every piece to be customizable.

Extruded aluminum has been used in commercial architectural millwork for decades as structural components as well as interior and exterior design components. While most commercial projects will require the use of many aluminum-grade materials, it’s the versatility, strength, and utilitarian purpose of aluminum angles that make it every builder’s best friend.

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Why Work With Eagle Aluminum

Completely customizable.
We support your architectural millwork vision by using custom designs or standard architectural aluminum. It doesn’t matter if your project is small-scale or large, standard or custom, we have access to thousands of different dies and shapes. Dream big.

Very short lead time.
The last thing you want is a hold-up in the building process. You won’t wait weeks for a quote. We can usually turn around quotes in one to three days on custom-designed architectural aluminum extrusions and trim. Faster, if necessary. 

Largest library of extrusions.
Our business model was built with architectural millwork in mind. We pride ourselves on accommodating unique projects. Eagle Aluminum has one of the largest aluminum extrusion libraries that proves you with endless options. We use a tailored total solution to provide first-class, high quality and on-time delivery.

  • Design & Engineering
  • Standard & Custom Aluminum Extrusions
  • Standard & Custom Finishes
  • Anodizing, Powder Coating, Painting
  • Light Fabrication
  • High Volume of Stock Extrusions Available

Architectural millwork is an ever-growing industry and many modern-day buildings have it incorporated into their architecture. We work with all types of high-end commercial millwork companies. Including companies that are creating hotels, lobbies, banks, restaurants, board rooms, medical offices, schools, brand storefronts, furniture, etc. Because every element of architectural millwork is visible when fully completed, every detail must be exactly how you want it.

Customers choose Eagle because we understand and match the customer requirements, deliver on commitments, and work hard to meet the demands of industry-leading fast-paced, quality-driven companies.