Ideal Uses for Aluminum French Cleat in Wall Hanging Systems

Aluminum French cleats, also known as aluminum Z clips, are used to support multiple heavy items on any wall without interrupting the design of the space. Many builders opt for an aluminum French wall cleat because of its budget-friendly simple hanging solution while ensuring minimal damage to the wall. 

French cleats are a great way of securing wall panels, mirrors, pieces of artwork, shelving units, cabinets, or other objects to a wall. Aluminum French cleats are stronger than other hanger methods and increase the longevity of a hanging system. 

What is a French cleat wall fixing?

The fixing looks like two angled pieces of material that, when slotted together, look like one solid piece that has been split diagonally down the middle. The French cleat works because the top piece that is affixed to the shelf or photo slots diagonally into the piece which is secured to the wall, and gravity ensures that it does not fall out or become unstuck. No glue or screws are needed to reinforce this fixing, other than those used to affix each piece to the wall or item to be mounted.

Uses of aluminum French wall cleats 

Using a French cleat for wall panels and shelving to mount pictures, shelves, and other wall-mounted items is a great idea because it hides the fixing and is easy to remove when it is not needed. The idea behind this kind of fixing is simple and easy to use in almost all situations. Some stores sell French cleat fixings in strong materials such as aluminum to add a little extra sturdiness to the fixing.

French cleats allow builders to choose if they want to cover the entire wall with aluminum French cleats or just a few to get items up and out of the way. With French cleats, you can truly design a space that is custom to you and your needs. 

French cleats are a great way of securing wall panels, acoustic panels, mirrors, pieces of artwork, shelving units, cabinets, or other objects to a wall. The extruded aluminum French cleat version, such as the Eagle Z Clip, is a modern substitute for the wooden cleat. The aluminum z clips are stronger than the wood French cleat versions and they increase the longevity of the hanging system as well. Since the aluminum z clip is much thinner than a wood French cleat, there is less stand-off or space between the product and the wall making for a hanging solution that is concealed after installation.

Benefits of using a French cleat wall hanging system

Other hanging methods, such as nails and brackets, require additional installation time which is often not ideal. The use of a French cleat hanger for wall panels and shelves, or Eagle Z Clip, allows for pre-finishing without the time-consuming face nailing or on-the-job finishing. This saves you valuable time on the job which in turn, saves you money.

Aluminum French cleats are made from heat-hardened aluminum making them an ideal hanging solution when strength is a priority. Aluminum has a high strength to weight ratio beating out wood or steel alternatives. Aluminum also is corrosion resistant and non-magnetic allowing application in virtually any environment.

Aluminum French cleat options from Eagle Mouldings

Eagle Mouldings stocks an entire line of French cleats, or z clips, that work for virtually any application. We specialize in custom aluminum extrusions, so if we do not have the exact French cleat to match your project, we’re prepared to help you create it. 

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