Hat Channels and Hat Tracks

Eagle Aluminum’s hat channel and hat tracks are corrosion resistant and fireproof extruded aluminum product. Hat tracks and hat channels are used primarily to level out irregular or uneven surfaces on interior walls, exterior walls and ceilings, saving a lot of time and unnecessary expense.

Aluminum hat channel is preferable to wood trusses in most commercial building projects as it is stronger and is the only choice in towns where the local building code requires fireproof support elements.

Correct Hat Channel Installation

When aluminum hat channels or hat tracks are being used on concrete walls, it needs to be installed vertically and attached using power-driven fasteners or concrete nails. The spacing between the strips of channel depends on the type of finishing material used. For ceramic tiles, for example, you can use wider spacing behind the support boards. If using plaster or thin paneling, the strips need to be placed much closer together.

For drop ceilings, aluminum hat channel or hat tracks can be laid out perpendicular to joists or studs and directly attached to the underside of the structure, using screws, power-driven fasteners, tie wire or metal channel clips.

Most Common Applications for Aluminum Hat Channel

Hat channel extrusions can be used for many different reasons and purposes. The most common uses are:

  • As a framing member for buildings
  • As a structural piece for farm structures such as gates
  • As lathing for retro roofing applications
  • To secure vertical panels on metal buildings
  • During a remodel to support new wall-finishing materials or wall insulation

Our aluminum hat channel extrusions can be cut to length or cut and machined to your unique specifications.