Shopping for the Best Custom Extrusion

Eagle Mouldings Shopping For Best Custom Extrusion

Ultimately, as a business owner or manager, it’s typically one of your goals to get consumers to buy your product or service. Getting a consumers attention or in the door can be challenging.

At Eagle Mouldings, we have nearly three decades of experience in custom aluminum trims and extrusions for the store fixtures and displays. We offer a variety of LED lighting extrusions as well as offering capabilities to create custom extrusion for fixtures that meet your specific design specifications. We use premium grade aluminum and finishes that are durable and made to last.

LED Light Box Extrusions
When it comes to the acquisition of new customers, engaging displays are a great way to get their attention. LED lightbox extrusions are commonly used to draw attention to storefronts and add flare to the interior of a store as they are eye-catching and relatively affordable. Installation can be simple if you leave it up to the professionals to create stunning, unique displays out of high-quality aluminum extrusions like we do at Eagle Mouldings.

Aluminum extrusions displays or signage are ideal for hanging on walls or ceilings and typically have a long lasting lifecycle if they are properly manufactured and installed. Our on staff design team and customer service department have the capabilities and resources to help you create customized extrusions for any store display or fixture.

Other Extrusions
In addition to our store fixture and display extrusions we stock and create extrusions for LED lightboxes, solar panel extrusions, architectural millwork extrusions, restraunt furniture and environments, RV and Campers, emergency vehicles and hot aisle containment industry. Our team of highly skilled designers work with our clients to tailor their projects in accordance with their specific industry and custom needs in mind. It is our job to deliver a final product that matches our customers’ creative vision.

Since 1989, Eagle Mouldings believes excellent customer service, high-quality products and short lead times drive the way we do business. We have the knowledge and expertise to serve you better than anyone else in our industry. Regardless of your custom extrusion and finishing needs, we are your source for aluminum extrusions.

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