History of the Z Clip

French cleats, as they were most commonly called at the time, nowadays referred to as Z Clips or panel hangers, are the fastest growing and easiest way to install Wall Panels, Acoustical Panels, Cabinets, Signs and Artwork to a wall or vertical surface.

Although it is difficult to say for sure, many think the name French Cleat originated from the origin of France when in the 1800’s French ship builders began building wooden ships. Once the main ship was built, details were added. One detail was the French Cleat. Using strips of wood that were cut Lengthwise with a blade that was slightly angled, when hung horizontally, one on the wall the other on an object, these wood strips allowed them to hang or secure items on the walls to create room on the ships floors or decks where extra deck area was very precious and there was none to spare. French cleats were originally made of interlocking wood wedges and were mainly use in carpentry to hold an object securely in place on a vertical surface, while still allowing for easy removal of that object.

Z Clip Diagram
Eagle Z-Clip, We’ll hang our reputation on it!

Similar to the way a wooden French Cleat works, today, modern versions of this useful piece of hardware are usually made from aluminum, and are a simple, strong and reliable way to hang almost any flat object on a wall. Aluminum hanging clips or Z-Clips were introduced and became very popular here in the United States when the housing building boom began after World War II. Z Clips, the name which they became known as, allowed you to install a wood wall panel or other product without screwing into the face of the panel.

Common names for French Cleats in the US is Z Clip or Z Clips

Commonly called Z Clips, Z rails, Z bars, Z hangers, Aluminum Z, Hanging Clips, Hanging Bars, Cabinet Hanger, Hanger Rails or Hanging Cleats, Panel Rails, Panel Cleats, Zclip, Z-Clip, all aluminum French cleats work in essentially the same way as the original wood cleat. One metal cleat is attached to the wall, and one – flipped the other way – is attached to the back of the item you want to hang. The two cleats are then connected together, and the object is kept in place by gravity and its own weight. The Z Clip fasteners wedge together, thereby locking panels in place. They provide for easy and fast future removal or dismounting of panels for change or replacement at any time in the future.

Why Choose Eagle Mouldings Z-Clips or Eagle Z-Clip

Located near Minneapolis and St. Paul MN, our staff prides itself on superior customer service, same day shipping all at competitive pricing. Since the Eagle Mouldings Z-Clips, or as we like to call them Eagle Clips, remain concealed behind the finished panel they also allow for the installer to pre-finish the panel without time consuming face nailing or costly on-the-job finishing.

Made from Specially engineered alloy and then tempered aluminum, Eagle Mouldings Z-Clips offer many additional benefits that are simply not found in our competitors Z-Clip, Hanging Clips or French Cleats. The Eagle Z Clip lines are perfect as mounting hardware for use when hanging wall panels, elevator panels, acoustical panels, picture frames and kitchen cabinets, paintings, signage, framed mirrors and display boards. Our Z Clips are easy to install, reduce installation time and cost by as much as 50% or more, are available in 3/8” or 5/8″ lift off, 3/16” or ¼” stand off and in lengths from 1-1/2″ Z Clips to 12′ Z Rails, with or without holes, same day shipping, and are stocked by Eagle Mouldings. Eagle Mouldings is conveniently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By the skid load or just a single bucket, Eagle Mouldings ships Z Rails and Z Clips same or next day from our main offices in central MN to anywhere in the United States. Whether our products are shipping to the East, West or Gulf coasts or anywhere in-between, our customers keep coming back for our excellent customer service, quality products and great prices.

Eagle Z Clip
Eagle Aluminum Eagle Clip Z Clip

The Many Uses of Aluminum Z-Clips

Often called Wall Hardware, Aluminum Z-Clips can be used indoors and out, and are suitable for both home and commercial use. Eagle Mouldings manufactures and stocks several versions of mounting clips, Z-Clips and Z-Rails. Starting with our light duty Z-cleats, these are ideal for hanging smaller items or things of lighter weight, but a medium to heavy-duty aluminum Z Clips or French cleat is perfect for cabinet hanging or supporting very heavy items like wood panels and acoustical panels that can’t be hung using other inadequate hanging methods due to the products over bearing weight.

Eagle Mouldings is a leading supplier of Custom, OEM and Specialty Aluminum Trims and Extrusions. We specialize in creating custom aluminum extrusions for almost any aluminum trim or aluminum shape. If you don’t see the Z Clips you require for your project, please contact our customer service department at Eagle Mouldings and we will help you design, engineer and create the perfect extrusion.

Call us at 763-493-2995 or toll free at 800-888-2044 or visit us on line at contact us to learn why our Eagle Z Clip customers stay customers and keep coming back.

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